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Some Common IELTS Myths

Some Common IELTS Myths

I have to keep doing tests to improve my score:

This is a common myth. IELTS is a test of English, not a test to test how well you know the test.† The only way to improve you score, once you are familiar with the test, is to improve your English in all 4 components of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Doing more and more tests doesnít really help you to improve. It just fills your head with answers.

I need to learn long lists of vocabulary to be successful:
Of course vocabulary is important for IELTS to get a good score but you donít need to learn long lists. You need to be familiar with words in all their forms (word families) and be able to use them accurately and appropriately. This is far more important than knowing a long list. Knowing a good variety of words and using them well and correctly will be enough for most people to get the score they need. Common topics in IELTS include education, environment and culture. Look at IELTS course books which will give you a good idea of what kind of words you need.

Grammar is not important in the IELTS:
Grammar does not have a separate test in IELTS. But it is still important.† You will need grammar for all the skills and it is specifically part of the assessment in both writing and speaking (25%).† In reading and listening your knowledge of grammar can help you write in the correct word form in answer.

If I take the test in my country, I will get a better score:
You may get a better score in your country if you take the IELTS test there, but this will more likely be due to the fact that you may feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings in your home town, rather than the test itself. All tests on the same day are the same everywhere in the world so the test itself is not any easier and is the same one you would have taken if you had taken the test overseas. IELTS examiners are highly trained to be reliable markers, so your score should be the same. If you are feeling a little more relaxed in your home town, you could get a better score, but this is a factor which affects you and your performance in the test. The test doesnít get easy with the change of venue. It is pretty much uniform all across the world.
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